Pillow Fights

A pillow fight in your bedroom is so old school.  Make it public!

Remember the slumber party?  Miss having a good old pillow fight?  Want to be back at camp?
Then here you go....  Thats right we have a 4 x 4 metre KING SIZE bouncy bed, with NO parents around to say don't do that...!

Watch out for the cat asleep at the end of the bed, we don't want to upset fluffy!
Enjoy the battle of the cushions, and get right into the theme by including a full on pyjama party.


Requires 5m² of clean, reasonably flat ground for set up  (eg. no rocks, sharp sticks etc.)
Requires a minimum height clearance of 3 meters.
Requires a normal 3 pronged, single phase, power source - (a petrol generator is available by prior arrangement at an additional charge).
Minimum of 2 hours hireage applies, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required when making your booking.

1x inflatable bouncy bed base.
1x oversize canvas 'duvet cover'.
2x oversize foam filled pillows.
1x blower fan.
1x 30 meter power lead - (we can provide more)
1x professional operator to run the pillow fights.

Pillow Fighting Pillow Fights Pillow Fight

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